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Caught and Told - Humorous Cricketing Anecdotes (World Edition) Book Name:Caught and Told - Humorous Cricketing Anecdotes (World Edition)
Publish Date:06/23/2008

A truism you usually come across while describing Indians is that we lack a sense of humour. For a country that is made of some of the most colourful personalities in the world, we are also a nation that shows an almost-inborn reluctance to laugh or to make others laugh. Not surprisingly, humour as a genre in publishing is either not attempted in India, or, if a brave soul does try, it more often than not meets with bookstand failure. Anyone who knows Sandeep Patil intimately, or perhaps even cursorily, will readily acknowledge that if any brave soul was needed to initiate a book of amusing anecdotes from the world of cricket, it would be this tall, bearded cricketer who was as dashing a batsman on the field as he was an incorrigible prankster of it.
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